Why Fashion Advertisers Love Large Format Outdoor Posters

From the onset the fashion industry was one of the first to embrace the medium of outdoor poster advertising. Over a hundred years later, nothing has changed. Fashion advertising still accounts for a high proportion of the large format OOH advertisements we see today, displayed on posters and billboards everywhere.Indeed, the latest trendy clothing brands are following the example of more established fashion companies and dedicating an ever-increasing portion of their advertising spend to OOH advertising.Memorable Fashion Poster Advertising CampaignsWho could forget Wonderbra’s Hello Boys campaign back in the 1994? The poster campaign saw model Eva Herzigova pose simply in her underwear, with the image spread across 96-sheet billboards across the country.Another big hit was David Beckham’s iconic 2009 Armani underwear ad. From 6 sheets on the London Underground to a 6-storey giant poster on Selfridge’s in London’s Oxford Street, this campaign was a hot topic of discussion worldwide, resulting in extensive media coverage for both Golden Balls himself and the Armani brand.As the official department store provider to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, John Lewis made a grand patriotic gesture by enveloping their flagship Oxford St stores in a huge building wrap featuring the union flag to show their support for British athletes. The exterior of the Stratford City store overlooking the Olympic park was decked with giant vinyl stickers featuring fashion accessories. The OOH display continued the gold medal theme of John Lewis’s print advertising campaign and generated considerable media coverage.More recently, Myleene Klass’ Littlewoods campaign received much attention at the beginning of the year when it was erected on a 472m sq giant poster at Union Street in Glasgow. The super-size Littlewoods poster advertising campaign with the image of her dressed simply in a bikini was most certainly attention grabbing and was seen by nearly 750,000 shoppers and passers-by in Glasgow city centre.Change of EmphasisWhy are more and more fashion advertisers turning away from standard advertising in print and broadcast media? Newspaper readership is rapidly declining and over-saturation of traditionally placed advertisements lacking true originality has rendering most TV advertising ineffective. The target audience automatically filters out adverts and even takes advantage of new technology to skip them on recordings of TV programmes.Jaded consumers who are being continually bombarded with advertising messages crave novelty. The understanding is clear for fashion brands: they must cater to their audience’s desire for innovation by seeking alternative formats for distributing their brand message.Fashion brands are willing to pay a premium for innovative forms of advertising that build genuine emotional connections with individual consumers. That is why they are so keen to take advantage of the latest developments in OOH advertising. Nothing beats well designed eye -catching fashion advertising posters for getting up close and personal with local communities.

Twitter Advertising 101

In April 2010, Twitter launched its own advertising platform, however, only a few select companies can access Promoted Tweets, due to Twitter’s stress on retaining “resonance” with the tweets they sponsor. They have banned in-stream advertising by 3rd party ad companies, but existing Twitter advertisers claim that it’s “business as usual”, and that their practises still adhere to the new Twitter guidelines.There are a variety of options to choose from, but our main contenders deal with either building up a worthwhile following and bidding on relevant keywords (via TweetUp for example), or Self- Service Advertising, which means paying for ads to be broadcast by registered Twitter publishers, who tweet your message to their followers (such as Magpie, Ad.ly, Tweetad etc). Research is the key to making a success of these types of advertising, and if you’re in need of help, consider an SEO company to assist with the technicalities of your campaign.Self-Service AdvertisingSelf-service platforms operate on a mutually beneficial relationship between advertisers and Twitter users. Advertisers pay for an ad, which then gets tweeted by registered users who get paid for promoting brands they wish to support. These “Content Creators” or “Publishers” are matched to appropriate advertisers, and tweet their desired message to their followers.The premise works on the power of word-of-mouth recommendation – a form of marketing we are more likely to respond to, because we receive the information through someone we know and trust. Publishers are sometimes allowed to rephrase or adapt the original ad to their own way of speaking, and these messages are submitted for approval from the advertiser before going live.Celebrities have bought into this advertising method, realising the influence they have on Twitter, and taking full advantage of it. You’ll be looking at upwards of $1000 per tweet to buy the services of a top celebrity tweeter, but there are many other influential profiles to choose from, and by narrowing your preferences down to a highly targeted audience, the return on a few choice tweets can be very rewarding.Advertisers have several options of payment and and rates vary between platform. By filling in various preferences when setting up your campaign, most platforms will advise a ballpark figure for what you should aim to spend. Some require a minimum spend and most base their prices on metrics such as the influence power of the tweet publisher.Ad.ly Ad.ly’s prices depend on the campaign, keywords and chosen publisher. CTR generally ranges between 1%-3.5%. Your dashboard gives you tracking information, and recently launched Ad.ly Analytics gives you even more in-depth data on your Twitter account and its activity.Featured advertisers using Ad.ly include: Toyota, Microsoft and its affiliate sites like msn and bing, Universal, NBC, Sony, Kia, American Airlines and The Wall Street Journal, and celebrities often use their influential power to promote Ad.ly tweets in their own feeds.Magpie Serving over 17 million followers, Magpie claims to hold the title of the original ad network for Twitter. Its pricing is based on how your maximum CPM bids fair against other advertisers with the same keywords. Minimum spend for a campaign is $20.00. A full range of campaign management tools are available to help you.Featured advertisers using Magpie include: Playstation, Hershey’s, Burger King, Tetra Pak, The Sun, LG, Heineken, Audi, Bacardi and XBOX 360.Sponsored Tweets Sponsored Tweets allows you to filter for your tweeters according to: number of followers, location, follower ratio, maximum amount you want to spend on each tweet and other variables. You can then handpick the tweeters you prefer. Prices are based on a CPMF, which takes into account the cost per tweet and the number of followers the publisher has.Twittad Twittad follows the same methodology as other self-service ad platforms, and includes the addition of “Targeted Tweets” – automated @replies and DMs in response to targeted keywords or location. There are two types of campaign: 2 tweets published over 3 days, or 3 tweets over 5 days. You can target your audience via a number of preferences, including information on publishers’ followers. For Target Tweets, you are able to set a maximum daily budget on your auto replies, which cost $0.05 per tweet.General Tips for Self-Service Ads:
Don’t phrase your ad in the first person – whoever is retweeting your message does not, in fact, own your business, so saying “I’m offering X number of freebies today…” is going to look bizarre coming from a random source.
Research your chosen publishers before you choose them – look at their tweet history to see what kind of things they talk about, and the response to their conversations. Make sure their thousands of followers haven’t been attained via automated keyword following, in which case their followers might not be interested in what they have to say after all.
Popular tweets are often topical, funny or offer a competition or promotion.
Test the water before you blow the big bucks – try out small bids and low cost tweets at first to see their reaction, and play about with targeting different keywords and demographics to see what works best.
Target your audience carefully. Research the followers of your chosen publisher to ensure that they will be preaching to the right crowd.
Search Based AdvertisingRiotWise RiotWise is an offshoot of OneRiot’s social media search engine, and offers a range of advertising options for marketers, including self-service ads, matching advertisements with trending topics. OneRiot uses its TTFA (trending topics forecast algorithm) to predict topics that will trend in the near future. Due to this “realtime relevance”, CTR is meant to be 3-4x the industry norm for this type of advertising.Campaigns work by OneRiot indexing an advertiser’s content from their site or blog, from which it extracts chosen keywords and creates relevant ads to match current trending topics. Revenue is shared between the advertiser and RiotWise.TweetUpA newcomer to the Twitter advertising arena is TweetUp, offering a different, search-based platform. It’s too soon to say how successful this network will be, as the whole program has yet to go fully live, but it is definitely one to watch.TweetUp is the brainchild of Bill Gross, dubbed “the AdSense of Twitter”. It doesn’t plant ads in timelines, so does not violate the new terms. The Idealab company works by raising the best and most relevant tweets “above the noise”, increasing visibility and attracting targeted followers. TweetUp works via a ranking algorithm which bases each tweet’s score on the tweeter’s number of followers, influence, number of retweets and so on. Ranking is also influenced by keyword bidding (though bidding alone is “not enough to boost [a tweet] to the top,” according to Gross).TweetUp is free to register, and your tweets will then be indexed and scored by TweetUp, showing up in search results according to how you rank against others using the same or similar keywords. The service is free unless you choose to bid on keywords to boost your position. A relatively new service, live since the end of May 2010, TweetUp is going up against Twitter’s Promoted Tweets as a long term solution to Twitter visibility, claiming that its aim is to build followers and loyalty with quality tweets for a company’s overall growth. Bidding is not yet enabled, but the TweetUp search platform is already in place with influential sites such as Seesmic, TechCrunch, TweetDeck, Answers.com and Twitterfeed, with bidding to follow in the next few months.Twitter can be a beneficial asset to any marketing campaign, or to increase awareness of your business or product. Linking Twitter advertising with your ads on other social media networks or a blog can maximise its effectiveness. But first and foremost, do your research thoroughly to find out the best way of approaching your Twitter ads and reaching your target audience. If you plan on sticking with Twitter, concentrate on making your business account as successful as possible to give you extra authority in the network. And remember, Twitter is all about the conversation, it never responds well to blatant marketing pushes or hard-sell blurb. Make what you’re talking about interesting, amusing and genuine if you want it to work for you.

Chevy Automotive Repair Guide

If your Chevy is in need of repairs and you do not have the funds to hire a mechanic it may be time to break out the tools and give automotive repairs a try. While many people assume that auto repairs are overly complicated and difficult, the reality is that with a little bit of practice and enough time, anyone can perform a number of automotive repairs on their own.Before you can start working on your Chevy, you’ll need to make sure that you know what the problem is and how to fix it. If you have access to a Chevy automotive repair manual for your year and model, you should be able to use it to diagnose problems and discover the best way to fix them. Armed with this information, you stand a much better chance at successfully repairing your vehicle.You will need certain tools and equipment to repair your vehicle. Make sure that you are fully prepared when it comes to DIY. There are many basics that you can do to ensure that your vehicle is functioning properly. Consult your automotive repair manual consistently. Every 3000 to 4000 miles you will need to change your oil and filter. Make sure that your tires are inflated. Fuel efficiency is lost if your tire are under inflated. Be sure to keep your battery cables clean. Check to make sure that there is no corrosion. Be sure to check your fluids regularly.As you are thinking about repairing your automobile yourself take out time to familiarize yourself with your car. Learn more about the parts and how they function to make your car run. Make sure that you have the required tools for the job. You’ll also need to obtain the right parts for your vehicle from an auto parts store, online, or even from a junk yard. You will need the required tools and the right clothing before your begin your repair. You can purchase some overalls or put on some old clothing. This is in order to protect your good clothe from oil stains or other damage.When you are repairing your Chevy you will need to be sure to take all safety precautions to ensure that there are no tragic accidents. While under the car, never allow the jack to be what’s holding it up. Jacks have the capability to slip and fall over, which will allow the vehicle to fall. Use quality jack stands when repairing your vehicle. Be sure to disconnect the battery at the terminal. Be careful when near flammable liquids. When you are repairing your vehicle you need to think about safety first. Be sure that you have all the correct tools and have the knowledge of how to use them. Safety should come first when it comes to repairing your vehicle. You may be trying to save money by repairing your vehicle, but if there are any injuries more money is going to be coming from your pocket.While there may be a temptation to go it alone, make sure you follow your Chevy automotive repair manual exactly so you will get the job right the first time. Manuals have diagrams and pictures that will guide you the entire way and were written by the engineers who have a complete understand of how your car works.