Advertising on the Radio – Keep it Simple

Let’s say you spent good money on a brochure. Several pages filled with features, benefits, facts, figures, call to action, contact info…oh yeah, paragraphs about who you are, what you do….the different services you provide, your product offerings…and the list goes on and on. Everything you believe a potential client would need or want to know about your business. Now you are interested in advertising on the radio.Here’s a great radio advertising tip -Don’t let your radio commercials end up like your brochure.Advertising on the radio works best when it is simple and effective.First…a given. If you are going to advertise on the radio. Make sure you have a product that has demand. In another article we discuss the topic of Direct Response Radio Advertising Mistakes: A Product No One Wants. With that said, lets move on to advertising on the radio assuming there is demand for your product or service.Simplicity is the key to effective direct response radio advertising. Face it, when you are buying fifteen, thirty, even sixty seconds worth of radio advertising, you don’t have the time to create an audio brochure. Radio advertising is a powerful advertising medium, but can it work for you?Yes it can. You just need to make sure your direct response radio advertising campaign is just that…DIRECT. When advertising on the radio, get right to the point. What is the problem your potential customers face? What is the solution? (Hopefully this is where you have inserted your company name). What benefit does your company provide that solves the problem? And most important of all…what would make me choose your company? Here is where the irresistible offer comes in. Direct response radio advertising is rooted in a foundation of “what’s in it for me”. Give me reason to call. A free offer…free sample…free estimate…deep discount…money back guarantee…whatever your feel is important to your potential customer. This offer helps “grease the skids” and provides a strong incentive to call or click.And speaking of calls and clicks – If you are advertising on the radio, you must make your call to action clear, concise and memorable. In other words, if you are driving to a toll free number, make sure you are not advertising some random ten digits that are difficult to remember. Use vanity phone numbers. Vanity phone numbers provide sticking power in the listeners mind. What will you remember more – 1-800-I-ATE-A-BUG or 1-800-428-3228 (plus the extra useless digit)? You can use a combination of vanity numbers or words and number for tracking purposes. If you are directing your radio advertising campaign to a URL. Make sure it’s a simple domain name. No long URL’s with dashes and slashes and long strings of weird variables. Simple works better. And again, you can use a variety of simple domains for tracking. And make sure you mention your number or URL at least a couple of times throughout the radio commercial.So what have you learned here?When advertising on the radio, keep it simple. Get directly to the problem, the solution, the benefit, the irresistible offer, and the clear call to action. Keep this simple structure in mind, and your chances of success when advertising on the radio dramatically increase.Until next time…

Scarves, Shawls and Wedding Fashion and Your Must Have Accessories

While the basics seem to stay the same, such as the inclusion of cakes, flowers, and music, wedding fashions are always changing. If you are planning a wedding in 2009, here are a few tips on what is hot this year in wedding fashions and what to avoid.One of the most popular trends this year is in the use of feathers. While you certainly do not want to go overboard and appear like a bird, you can add some flair with a few well-placed feathers. Just keep it understated. Consider using them as a hair accessory or as a small detail on your gown.As far as fabrics, the trend has turned away from traditional silk. More gowns are designed with embroidered tulle and cotton lace. Another specific aspect of the gowns to notice is the embellishments. Ribbons, beading, bows, and the ever-present lace are some of the favorites. The subtle details are very feminine, but also exude elegance and grace. The trick is to find a look that is flattering, but not overdone.One of the most popular styles this year is the single shouldered dress. A carry over from the winter season, this really chic and very modern style seems to appeal to those who favor a less traditional look for their gowns. This is also the case with shorter wedding dresses as well. Fitted bodices and full skirts at or above the knee are very popular. If you are planning a casual, outdoor ceremony, these can be just the ticket to a very stylish wedding. There will always be the need for the full, formal, floor length gowns for the classic, formal ceremony.When it comes to colors, white will always be in style, but there is also a turn to the pastels. Your bridesmaids, however, will love the new, bold looks for the season. Cobalt blues, kelly greens, and canary yellows are very popular and will create a fabulous dramatic effect. The champagne colored gowns for the bridesmaids are definitely out. If you want your bridesmaids in one of these neutral colors, you add color with pretty sashes or hair accessories, such a brightly colored scarf.When it comes to your own wedding fashion, however, it really is a matter of personal taste. Many little girls start planning their weddings from a very young age and dream for years about what it will look like. If your heart is set on a certain style, fabric, or color, then wear it. This is one of the most important days of your life, and you deserve to wear what makes you happy. You don’t want to make all your decisions based on what is considered in style for the year. When you choose the fashion for your wedding, make sure it’s what you want to wear and not what society tells you is best.

80s Fashion and Fancy Dress – How to Get the 80s Madonna Look!

Ahhh the 80s Madonna look! Who doesn’t want to give this a go? Actually it wouldn’t surprise me if this style comes back even.Think sexy and busty tops.Then, add lace.. your lacey bra is quite acceptable.Bonus points if you find a mesh shirt.If it’s cold, wear a denim jacket.Find some leggings to wear under a short skirt.Now, buy a pair of fingerless lace gloves. You probably will have to buy these online. Awesome mesh and lace fingerless gloves are available through the accessories section of the 80s Fashion Fancy Dress site. Click on the link towards the bottom of the page below.And go treasure hunting for plenty of 80s Madonna fashion accessories. Wear a couple of necklaces if you can. Include large crosses and strings of fake pearls. (More than one is okay)To be sure you have done well with the 80s Madonna fashion, you need bracelets. Plenty of bracelets. The last time I checked you could get a pack of 10 or so slim, silver bracelets from the $2 shop, or a little bit extra in the fashion jewellery stores. If you can, get the rubber bracelets too.Especially if you can find the black ones that looked like o ring seals from 44 gallon drums.We used to wear those all the time in the 80s. It was absolute treasure to find a 44 gallon drum that still had one. I remember my step mum telling me that one day I would look back and laugh at how we used to wear them. Of course, she is right!Have your right earring more dangley than your left. A dangley cross would be pretty much perfect. Don’t forget to mismatch your earrings.Make sure you include a big belt, as Madonna loved them. Find a wide belt with spikes, bright colours and maybe even a big buckle.Shoes are pretty easy. Wear whatever you want. Madonna wore plenty of dance shoes, which seemed quite sensible. Make sure you wear cute socks with them though, or wear high cut boots.Hair should be big,a few curls and teased and with a big lace bow. You can cheat with the bow as a headband look these days, as there are headbands with bows to the side, in all of your fashion jewellery stores too.Have fun with getting your 80s Madonna look created. Like I’ve said before, looking for your clothes and accessories can be half of the fun. (Or half of the nightmare – lol)With your makeup, make sure you pile on plenty of eyeliner, and use a dark red lippy. Ooops, don’t forget your beauty spot! (Use black or brown eyeliner to create your beauty spot)I would have to say, that I did not know anyone who took on this 80s Madonna look, fashion cone bra look for themselves. You might’ve known someone though..Anyway, I reckon if you wore this to an 80s fancy dress, people would know who you are trying to be. I just do not know how to get the costume sorted easily, as I am pretty sure you do not have a cone bra in your cupboard.I guess you could be creative, and use disposable cones (like you get the cordial ice cones in, which you could attach onto your bra. Hmm or get creative with coffee filters? Otherwise, you may have to hire or buy this particular costume.